What We Do

If you're looking for an honest contractor who marries old fashioned values with new construction know-how, you've found the right company.

Whether we're starting from scratch or refurbishing an existing space, we consider all aspects of your project.  We identify fresh ideas and look for potential problems down the road.

Mike Nopper of Artisan Design and Remodeling did a FANTASTIC job on our complete kitchen remodel.  We had a grandma's kitchen; we now have a top of the line contemporary European-style custom kitchen.  Mike was not only cheaper than everyone else who bid the job, but he listened to what WE wanted and followed through with it, so that we ended up with a kitchen that exactly matched our style and aesthetic sensibilities, not to mention our culinary and entertaining needs.  When we experienced unexpected problems (that happens when you open up walls and ceilings to expose beams that--oops!--should not have been supporting beams!) he always resolved those problems within a day, which at least twice meant rebuilding structural elements.  When our cabinet supplier turned out to be a dud, he contacted everyone involved and resolved the problem to the best of his abilities.  When the granite for the peninsula arrived, he took one look at it and headed under the house with gigantic supporting joists to compensate for the extra weight he knew it was going to put on the floor boards.  Almost a year out now, we love our kitchen more every day.  Brenda H.

Most of our clients are working on a budget.  We always keep that in mind.  Often we can pull a bunny out of hat and make your project look like a million dollars when we've stuck to your money limit.

Under promise and over deliver...that's our motto!

Looking for information?  Need ideas?  Start by giving us a call at 619-761-3172.