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Our Design Process

Why hire a kitchen designer when you don't need one? We've had years of experience in making homeowners happy and satisfied with our work. Show us pictures of what you like, and we'll help you put together the pieces, decision by decision, to end up exactly where you wanted to be.
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A Beautiful Bathroom Can Be A Luxurious Haven

A Beautiful Bathroom, No Matter the Size, Can Be a Luxurious Haven So You Want to Renovate Your Bathroom.  Get out your pen and paper, or WordPress and start the next step.  Planning! The better your planning, the better your chances of ending up with the bathroom of your dreams. Don't rush this part of the process.…
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Your Kitchen Can Be the Most Important Room in Your House

Your Kitchen Can Be the Most Important Room in Your House Remember the days when the kitchen was an itty-bitty room in the back of the house? Today the kitchen is a high-tech center of family life. New cabinets or refinished cabinets, new appliances, flooring, lighting and counters can breathe energy and life into your…
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Then & Now

THEN: It used to be that you had to go to bookstores, or libraries, or showrooms all around town to see what was the latest design trend and to see what new and available. The typical process would go something like this: Call 4 contractors; 2 show up almost on time and the 3rd shows…
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