Home Values are Rising, and Interest Rates are Still Low.  It Makes Sense to Invest now in those Remodeling Projects that You Have Always Wanted.

Wouldn't it be nice to know an experienced contractor in San Diego that you can trust to remodel your kitchen or bathroom just the way that you wish it could be?

You can trust Mike to listen to your concerns and share your ideas.  Mike will work with you to create your dream bathroom or kitchen that is right for your house, and is within a reasonable budget for your neighborhood.  He will update  your kitchen or bathroom to fit that fits your needs, increasing your home's value, and making your home the special place that friends, family, and neighbors will want to gather on special occasions.

Mike Nopper, President

Mike has worked on hundreds of homes since 1988, including several of his own that he improved and resold for a profit.  He knows firsthand what home buyers are looking for when they are in the market for a new home, and he also knows what are the most popular remodeling trends that homeowners in San Diego are looking for when they are considering a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project.

Combine those two skills in a honest general contractor,  and you will end up with a house that you will love to call home, and a home that will be easier to sell for top dollar if you decide to sell in the next few years.  Send Mike an email now using this LINK for a free estimate or to discuss your project.

Artisan Design and Remodeling also offers other valuable services that will also boost the value of your home, the main one is to improve the curb appeal of your home.  Many real estate agent will tell you that boosting the "Curb Appeal" of your home will make it more inviting and make potential buyers willing to look at the inside of your house when it is up for sale.

The other valuable service that we offer to existing clients is fix or update those little things around the house that homeowners have come to expect, whether it is: ceiling fans, better lighting of any kind, more electrical outlets, updated doors, baseboard, or new paint colors in any room, we can help!

Whether your intention is to update or remodel any part of your house, increase your home's value, or just personalize your home to fit your individual tastes, let Artisan Design and Remodeling be "The Builder of your Dreams". 

Contact us now using this LINK to start the process of turning your house to the place that you would proudly call home.