Your Kitchen Can Be the Most Important Room in Your House

Your Kitchen Can Be the Most Important Room in Your House

Remember the days when the kitchen was an itty-bitty room in the back of the house?

Today the kitchen is a high-tech center of family life.

New cabinets or refinished cabinets, new appliances, flooring, lighting and counters can breathe energy and life into your kitchen without breaking your piggy bank.  Your first decision is do you want to -

Do you want to Replace, Renew, or Expand?

Start by determining if you want to reface or replace your kitchen cabinets or expand your kitchen footprint.  Your current space, budget, schedule and family needs will help you to decide how to proceed.  There are three ways to give your kitchen a face lift.  1. Change the kitchen layout 2. reface or paint your cabinets 3. replace the cabinets. Each has pros and cons.

Consider Your Budget.  One on the first considerations when you start is determining how long you plant to stay in your home.  A kitchen upgrade may be reflected in your home's value.  You may want to consider what would be appealing to a buyer versus what makes your heart sing.  Kitchen remodels, often result in a higher return than bathroom or other remodel projects.

A Brand New Kitchen

A good checklist provides you with a road map to the what, who, when and how much will be involved in your kitchen remodel. You don’t need to know or complete every step now but developing a plan will help you avoid stress during your project.

Keep your schedule flexible. We can help you do much more than help you visualize how the cabinets will look on the walls. As a kitchen expert, Artisan Design and Remodeling can serve as a resource, coordinator and sounding board as you finalize your remodel plans..  We will consider how storage, organization, appliances and design elements work together as well as how to coordinate cabinet door styles, colors, new appliances, counter tops, flooring and back splashes. Artisan will help you consider the details that distinguish a good kitchen from a great kitchen, including spacers, trim, molding and toe-kick.

Plan Your Work.  Work Your Plan.  The key to a great kitchen remodel is starting with a well-thought-out plan and timeline.  You build a solid foundation with a smart plan and realistic expectations.  Keep some flexibility to help you cope with unexpected circumstances.

Watch the Time.  Your kitchen will be temporarily unusable, and you’ll need to set up a temporary kitchen.  Add the cost of eating out to your budget.  For most people a kitchen remodel during the holidays is a bad idea.  Start when you won't need your kitchen for a period of time.  Plan at least two months prior to any important event.  A kitchen remodel can take several weeks to several months based on the size of your project.

This will require coordination and communication with Artisan if structural changes are needed, or utilities and appliances are relocated.  Try to remember to include consideration consideration of everything from your home entry points to where you put the mail.

Homework Pays Off.  Thinking ahead and planning starts before you even think about demolition of anything. Do some research to help define your needs and vision.  Set up a rough budget.  What style are you after? Books, magazines and especially the internet are valuable resources to help you define the total scope of your project. This pre-planning stage to define what you want can save a lot of time and stress later on.

Codes and Inspections Every community has codes and permit requirements. Be sure to allow time for the process for any permits that we will need. There are inspection points. A wait for an inspection may cause delays in the project. Most municipalities have planning offices where you can get code information and apply for permits.

Ordering Products.  Product delay can throw a monkey wrench into the best laid plans. Order floors, cabinets, counter-top and appliances well in advance,  We suggest waiting for all of your products to arrive before starting the project.  Special orders and problems with the manufacturer, shipper, retailer can cause unexpected delays.  Be sure to inspect and inventory any products when they are delivered.  Cabinets and flooring should be stored in a climate controlled area.

It's Never Too Early to Start Planning Your New Kitchen. We're Happy to Answer Any Questions You Might Have. Give Us a Call at 619-761-3172 to Talk it Over.

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