A Beautiful Bathroom Can Be A Luxurious Haven

A Beautiful Bathroom, No Matter the Size, Can Be a Luxurious Haven

So You Want to Renovate Your Bathroom.  Get out your pen and paper, or WordPress and start the next step.  Planning! The better your planning, the better your chances of ending up with the bathroom of your dreams.

Don't rush this part of the process. There may be surprises, but the more prepared you are, the better to deal with whatever might come up.

  1. Determine your budget. What are you willing to spend? Write it down and keep it in mind as you go through the renovation. There are so many, many options and decisions.  It's easy to get carried away once the project is in progress.
  2. Get inspired. Start a board on Pinterest, or a file of all the bathroom designs and features that you like. Collect inspiration for your vanity, fixtures, flooring, lighting and colors.  Look for a trend in what you have selected.
  3. Measure. Working with Artisan Design and Remodeling, we can plot out your space on graph paper and cut out a toilet, vanity, tub, etc. moving them around till you have a layout you like. Here are some space considerations you want to keep in mind:
    • leave 30" of clear space in front of any fixture
    • 18" from center line of toilet to wall/other fixture
    • recommended minimum of 36 x 36 interior for shower
    • a separate toilet compartment should be a minimum of 36 x 66 with a swing out or pocket door
  4. Start sourcing your fixtures. Make a list of all the items needed and start sourcing your fixtures based on your budget and style board.  If you're visiting a showroom or big box store take pictures and note the size and price for reference later on. Don't forget! Artisan can get you a contractor's discount at most stores. Things you'll need:
    • toilet
    • vanity or pedestal
    • tub, tub/shower, shower base + glass, or shower unit
    • shower valve and trim
    • faucets
    • tile
    • grout
    • mirror
    • lighting
    • accessories (toilet paper holder, towel ring or bars, robe hooks)
    • trim
  5. Set a date for the project to begin and start purchasing your fixtures and finishes.  Plan on items will taking between 2 to 4 weeks to arrive. Be careful about buying fixtures and finishes on line.  Artisan suggests you go to the store and see things in person, then shop on line for the best price.   Get all the pieces delivered before you start the project.
  6. Troubleshoot in advance. Renovation is always more time consuming than you think it will be.  Once the project is started, your input will be required, so plan to be around.  If this is your only bathroom think ahead for where you will be able to deal with the inconveniences.  That means asking for a neighbor or friend to use their facilities.  If you have children, make it a game to use the gym for showers, or rent a port-o-potty.

When it's over, you will have a brand new bathroom to enjoy for years to come!

We are bathroom renovation experts and we love to answer questions.  We can save you time, money and headaches.  Give us a call at 619-761-3172.

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