Then & Now


It used to be that you had to go to bookstores, or libraries, or showrooms all around town to see what was the latest design trend and to see what new and available.

The typical process would go something like this: Call 4 contractors; 2 show up almost on time and the 3rd shows up an hour late.  The 4th contractor goes MIA, falling entirely out of communication. Then, you eventually  get 2 estimates.

Contractors are generally opinionated, and they may not think that ideas other than their own may be good.  So, you end up with two different  specifications (or scope of work) for the same project, and maybe neither one of them has much written detail.

Because there is no good way to compare prices, (when you do compare the estimates)- you are left comparing apples to oranges. Finally you make a decision and hope that everything is going to work out fine so that you don't get hit with a surprise change order.  This is how homeowners become disappointed, and why so few contractors have a good reputation.


Thanks to the evolution of the internet and Home Improvement websites; now all you need to do is to do a search on (or any other website of your choosing), and pick out a few bathroom or kitchen photos.

Save your favorite pictures on Houzz, or find photos elsewhere online and save on Pinterest. Then, when I come out for your in home free consultation, you can show me what your bathroom (or kitchen) looks like now, and how you would like it to look after it has been remodeled.  You don't need to drive around to a several showrooms, buy or borrow books or magazines, or even learn how to speak in contractor language.

Based on the photos, I can give you a good idea of what the cost would be, and if the estimate seems fair to you, then we would provide you with a design and pricing estimate retainer.

The retainer is free for owners who hire us to do the remodeling work, because that retainer fee is applied to the contract price as a credit when you agree to have us do the work.  The typical retainer fee is for an average bathroom is  about $400, and generally $1000 for the average kitchen.  The bathroom retainer fee covers 6 hours of design work, communications, and estimating time.

The kitchen retainer covers 15 hours of design work, communications and estimating time.  Naturally, higher end bathroom designs with customized fixtures and special order items will require more time and a higher retainer fee.  The same pricing concepts are applied to higher end kitchen remodels.   If you already have a custom bathroom or kitchen design from your architect or interior designer, just show me the designs and specifications;  and the retainer fee will be adjusted based upon the amount of time required to complete the detailed estimate and complete any details not specified by the architect/designer.

We are so confident in the value that we provide, that we are willing to offer a free detailed estimate for a generic bathroom or kitchen project for you to compare.  Naturally this generic estimate probably will not perfectly fit the uniqueness of your project, but it will likely be in the ballpark. To obtain a detailed estimate that is personalized to your unique project and desires, just contact us by email or phone.  We offer a Design/estimate design retainer that is free to customers who hire us for their remodeling project.

I was referred to Mike Nopper from a family friend when she heard that we had tons of jobs to get done around the house. Mike responded quickly to our inquire. He came out to the house, met with me. Listened to all of my minor repairs and wish list items to get done around the house... he then emailed me an itemized and very clear bid of every item we discussed. He even included photos of an additional idea that HE had come up with after seeing a wall that we needed repaired. I loved his idea so we went with it (along with all of the small handy man items).  He is very articulate about his work. Cleans up daily (which was a huge bonus since I have small kids in the house) and we found his pricing to be very reasonable for the work ethics and perfection he carries about his work. We will absolutely have Mike out again in the future as we continue to update and remodel things around the house.  Mike is trustworthy and all around a great guy! Celest U.

We're more than pleased to talk to you on the phone and answer any questions you might have.  Just give us a call at 619-761-3172.

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